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Minibus Hire: Your Ticket to Bedford and Beyond
From Priory Country Park to St. Paul’s Church and Stockwood Park, we are your one-stop-shop for minibus hire in Bedford. Thanks to a bespoke attention to detail alongside an appreciation for the needs of the individual customer, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when choosing our services. In order to fully appreciate what we are able to provide our clients, let’s have a quick look at how we can be of help to those within Bedford.

Locations Galore

One of the most interesting aspects in regards to Bedford is that it is quite rich in history. Arguably tracing its origins as far back as the Saxons, this urban area is now popular with both locals and tourists alike. Magnificent architecture such as Dunstable Priory provide some unique windows into the past while modern venues including High Town and The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum are perfect spots for those who hope to enjoy a true taste of this local culture. Of course, we appreciate that many are on rather tight schedules. Our minibus hire in Bedford is centred around the needs of the client. Whether catering to a single individual or a group of friends and colleagues, our vehicles will certainly not disappoint. We offer a wide variety of units such as a Ford Transit, a Mercedes 16 seater and selection of Volvos. Such flexibility is one of the hallmarks of quality service.

More than History Alone

While Bedford is famous for its attractions, there are also numerous events to be experienced in the near future. It only makes sense to take into account professional Bedford minibus hire when arriving here. What are some of the most popular festivals that are taking place?

Fans of art should be certain not to miss an amazing exhibition taking place in April 2016 entitled J.M.W. Turner & the Art of Watercolour. As the name hints, this is an excellent opportunity to appreciate some stunning examples of art within a tranquil atmosphere.

Another interesting local event that is nearly unparalleled within the United Kingdom is the Bedford International Kite Festival. Held during the first week of June 2016, Russell Park should once again prove to be a stunning venue. Why not choose to arrive here in style with a professional minibus hire service? This is a particularly good idea if you are from out of town and may not be entirely familiar with the layout of Bedford.

The Bedford River Festival is another must-see outdoor attraction held during the height of summer 2016. Not only are splendid outdoor views offered, but other amazing opportunities such as trade fairs, exhibitions, parades and raft races are closer than you may think. As opposed to worrying about the commute to and from this location, it is always wise to employ the service of a trained coach hire service such as ourselves.

A Flexible Professionalism

Some may be arriving from out of town while others may be residents. Our Bedford minibus hire is moulded around the discrete needs of each traveller. From hearty conversation to complete silence in luxury after a long journey, we aim to please.

This is only a small example of what we are able to offer those who are planning on taking advantage of what Bedford has to offer. To learn more in regards to our minibus hire service, please contact us at your convenience.